About Magic Crew Entertainment

We are utmost Event Management Company located in Selangor, Malaysia. We are here to provide entertainment values for your birthday parties, dinner, private events, theme parks, hotels, shopping malls, kindergardens and primary school. MCE does all kinds of awesome magical things for Malaysia. Join us as we show you what a magical world we live in!

Who we are

Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience and are passionate about excellence. We provide a wide variety of magic and event services:

Meet Mr. Bubble & Friends!

We can provide you Clowns for great quality children and parents entertainment. Our Clowns for children birthday parties and other events will provide laughter for hours with our magic tricks and shows. It will be a magical and fun experience that will never be forgotten..

The Prestige!

Magicians.Com.My featuring the magic of Mr.Kiwi! Mr.Kiwi is specialized in high profile very funny comedy magic that will make you laugh! You’d be surprised what he can pull out of the top hat!

Props and Gimmicks For You!

Magic Crew 2U is an online magic shop for every magicians out there. We offer many magic tricks including card magic, coin magic, street magic, close up magic and even stage magic. We also do provide magic class. We are definitely the best Malaysia online magic shop!

Meet The Team

Faisal Oscar

Faisal Oscar


He began his magic career at the age of 16, when he discovered magic at the local magic shop located in Subang Jaya. From then on, he never turn his back on the beloved art of magic. Get in touch with Faisal using this email address: faisal@magiccrew2u.com.


Talent Manager

She is also known as The Magic of Siti. A master of stage magic, her act comprise of semi illusion as well as grand illusions on stage. She is very agile yet elegant, with a little bit of eye catching moments in her performance. She is one of the most talented female magician this art has to offer.


Our Media Appearances

TV3 – Malaysia Hari Ini

Unifi TV – Studio Malam

TV3 – Nona

Astro Maya – Majlis

Astro Maya – Majlis #2


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